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Dr.Andrew WEIL- leading Doctor in natural health and healing, Graduated from Harvard Medical school as a cardiovascular surgeon and after years in practice saw more natural approaches as the way to better health, here is his reply on HRT Hormone Replacement: What Now for Women?


You can protect against bone loss with weight bearing exercise and strength training, by making sure you get 1,500 mg of calcium plus 400 IU of vitamin D daily, by not smoking and minimizing your intake of caffeine, sodas, and excessive protein.


If you've already lost bone, Evista (raloxifene) the first of a new generation of drugs -- selective estrogen receptor modifiers, or SERMs - seems to protect against bone loss while actually reducing the risk of breast cancer (it doesn't relieve hot flashes or other menopausal symptoms).


Two other relatively new drugs, Actonel and Fosamax, slow bone loss and strengthen bone without any of the risks presented by HRT. I prefer the newer one, Actonel, which has a better side effect profile.


Many women get relief from hot flashes and other menopausal discomforts with black cohosh (Cimifiuga racemosa) plus 800 IUs of Vitamin E daily.  Two to three daily servings of whole soy foods (tofu, tempeh, edamame, and soy milk) will give you some safe plant estrogen (phytoestrogens) that may help relieve symptoms.


We recommend X-cal and Women’s Choice for bone and hot flash problems, plus all the delicious soy Formula #1.  For a healthy heart choose Herbalifeline an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids.  If you have any questions please let me know.

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Here's something I learned at New Orleans June 2002.

Our Herbalife products are made under pharmaceutical conditions.  All products are tested 9 times, compared to the 3 required by the FDA.  If they don't pass the ninth test, then Herbalife will not put its name on the product.  Herbalife doesn't distribute other people's products because their products can't make it through the 9 tests.  The tests are performed by independent pharmaceutical testing companies.  Many of our products are more effective than other brands, especially the aloe -- grown in pure, (non-contaminated with pesticides) soil with purified water -- is 2.5 times stronger than the next leading brand.  But even if they are stronger, you still can triple the recommended daily intake without harming yourself (and still be under FDA guidelines).  Why is aloe so good for you?  It has all 23 essential amino acids man needs for cell activities.

Why some people have reactions -- Dr. Jamie McMann's own testimony is that she started feeling ill when she took the products at first.  Claimed she was allergic, and was very upset when she was told it was a DETOX.  "But guess what, it was detox."  When your body starts getting healthier, it tries to get rid of waste too fast.  When you replace poor nutrition with good nutrition -- your cells start repairing and reproducing themselves, so the bad unhealthy cells are shed and forced to be eliminated.  The person may have damaged cells due to poor nutrition (not getting needed vitamins and minerals, proteins, etc.), STRESS, prescribed & over-the-counter medications, injury (hernia, ulcers, etc.), illness, not to mention alcohol, soda, and tobacco use.  And the other point is they lived so long with these problems, they forget to mention them to you.  They sometimes have done something so long, they think it's normal reaction!  Until they start taking a new product, "then it's the product's fault."  You might want to tell them, some people experience a detox the first few days.  Explain what a detox is.  Suggest that they do the Formula #1 with something other than milk at first, maybe yogurt or muffins, something that they already handle well.  If they're worried about calcium, have them use the tablets.

Talk to you later,

Sharon Smith



WAYS 2002

July 2002


Sharon Smith





Questions from customers


How do I like Formula #1?

I usually suggest French vanilla as a first choice because it is so easy to use in different things.   When I was in New Orleans, I tried it in coffee – can’t wait to make my own French Vanilla mocha shake! I like wild berry in yogurt or pancakes and muffins.   I like Dutch choc. in non-fat pudding, yogurt, and milk  I like tropical fruit in jello or juice.


How much weight did I lose?

I lost 29 pounds.  I went from a size 22+ to a size 16 dress & pants.


Men’s xxl t-shirts were too tight.  Now I can wear men’s large.


How long?

I lost about ½-1 pound a week.  Which is terrific!  Because without Herbalife I probably would be 10 or more pounds heavier than I was before.


Am I still on the products?

Yes.  Herbalife never promised me anything but you’ll lose some pounds and have more energy.  Herbalife delivered:

1.      Lost weight

2.      Gained a new figure

3.      More energy

4.      Fewer migraines

5.      Lost bone spurs pain

6.      Lost Irritable Bowel Syndrome

7.      Lost Hot Flashes

8.      Gained regular cycles

9.      Lost back pain & other muscle aches.

10.  Gained overall better health.