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Thanks to Herbalife’s new Cookies ‘n Cream

Thermojetics ® Formula 1 Protein Drink, You can indulge in the sinfully delicious flavor of freshly baked cookies dipped in creamy milk. And with every sip, you can smile knowing the pounds and inches are coming off, too!

Not only does Cookies ‘n Cream Formula 1 taste as good as it sounds, but it’s formulated with Cellular Nutrition®. So while you’re satisfying your taste buds, you’re also nourishing your body at the cellular level. Enjoy!

    With Total Control™ you’ll
  • Burn fat*
  • Increase your metabolism*
  • Experience fewer cravings*
  • Have more energy*
  • Feel full sooner and stay full longer*
  • Fight free radicals so you age gracefully*

Total Control™ is a revolutionary herbal supplement designed to transform the weight-loss process. This advanced non-ephedra formula works at the cellular level to help burn fat, block cravings and boost energy, giving you the support you need to finally achieve and maintain your ideal weight.

Total Control™ contains several potent herbal ingredients that help you overcome the challenges associated with shedding pounds and inches. Used with the Thermojetics Green Weight-Management Program or Thermojetics Gold HPLC Program, Total Control™ puts you in control of successful weight management.


Herbalife is excited to announce the launch of one of its most scientifically advanced achievements toward wellness! It’s Niteworks, a great-tasting nighttime powder mix that is formulated to protect your cardiovascular health and help keep your circulatory system flexible and youthful.


We teamed up with Dr. Louis Ignarro, a 1998 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine and a member of Herbalife’s Scientific Advisory Board, to develop a product so essential to good health, you’re going to want to make this A priority. This refreshing lemon powder mix helps you create more life-supporting Nitric-Oxcide levels are naturally at their lowest.

Niteworks offers a cascade of benefits from increased Nitric-Oxide levels and heart-healthy antioxidants.

    Here’s a quick look at what you can expect:
  • Keeps blood vessels toned and flexible
  • Improve vascular function
  • Promotes a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Enhances blood flow to support function of heart, brain and other organs
  • Slows the impact of age on health for superior performance
  • Provides energy; you wake up rejuvenated.

Exclusive to Herbalife, Niteworks™ takes Cellular Nutrition® to the next level. Everybody NEEDS Nitric Oxide!

Targeted nutrition that helps your arteries stay youthful, protects your overall cardiovascular health, and slows your body’s clock on internal aging.

Now you can safely improve circulation and sexual performance with Prelox™ Blue. L-Arginine and patented formula Pycnogenol® revitalize and enhance sexual responsiveness, endurance and enjoyment.

Relax Now

  • Worry Less.
  • Relax more.
  • Conquer stress.

These days you don’t have to go far to find someone who’s stressed out. In fact, most of us are to overworked and overwhelmed that many experts believe stress is America’s #1 health problem.

This specially formulated product for relaxation and stress reduction combines the potent herbs and botanicals… to help calm your nerves, revitalize your spirit and promote a sense of well-being.* With Relax Now anxiety and tension can be relieved, and you’ll enjoy a clearer mind and increased energy throughout your day.* And Relax Now won’t cause grogginess or fatigue. It is non-addictive and safe for daily use.