Thermojetics Yellow by Dr. Jamie McManus

Thermojetics Yellow is a truly simple and yet very potent product, just two ingredients: an herb from India -- Garcinia Cambogia and the mineral Chromium.  Both play a role in glucose homeostasis or in other words to help keep the glucose insulin pathway stable.  This product is good for all dieters and especially if there’s a tendency towards reactive hyperglycemia or have attributable symptoms and even for most diabetics.  The combination of a healthy diet which includes our cellular nutrition of Formulas 1, 2 & 3 along with the Thermojetics Yellow can assist you in achieving appetite control and feeling balanced and satisfied as you manage your weight or reduce your weight Thermojectics Yellow is fabulous for those individuals who are still having a bit of difficultly controlling their appetite.  If you are using the Thermojetics Green and Beige and/or the Thermojetics Herbal Concentrate you can additionally use the Thermojetics Yellow for added appetite control.

Some people are sensitive to any kind of energy enhancing herb or any sort of stimulant, so if you who find yourself in that category you can very safely use Thermojetics Yellow for that added appetite control without any energy enhancement.  It's a wonderful product if you have trouble avoiding snacking in the evening time.

So, let’s summarize, for those of you who are wishing improved appetite control over all, we would recommend that you add in the Thermojetics Yellow with your Green and Beige in mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and evening time.  So it is a stand-alone product along with the cellular nutrition Formulas 1, 2, & 3 or can be used in combination with the Thermojetics Green and Beige, Thermojetics Herbal Concentrate and other products that are part of the Quick Start, Advanced and Ultimate Weight Management program.


Schizandra - Optimum Cellular Nutrition/Cellular Protection

Schizandra Plus is our multipurpose comprehensive antioxidant product providing reasonable antioxidant reading levels from a multitude of sources including vitamins, minerals and herbs. The main vitamins with known powerful antioxidant roles are Beta-carotene, a part of the Vitamin A complex, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. Remember A, C and E "ACE".   Additional, selenium is added which is a mineral antioxidant as well as Schizandra berries, which have been used in China as an immune supporting herb for centuries

Let's talk briefly about what antioxidants are about and why they are needed. Oxidative processes are damaging to the cells of our bodies. Free radicals are generated both from internal cellular metabolisms as well as from air pollution and other external sources. So there are internal and external sources of free radicals that can potentially damage our cellular membrane. Antioxidants such as Schizandra, Rose Ox and Extreme C and others help the body neutralize free radical damage. That is they protect us.

So we know what antioxidants do, why do we need to take them as supplements? Well, for one almost no one gets enough antioxidants through their diets. The American Cancer Society for instance recommends 5 to 7 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Now, how many of us really get that many servings of fruits and vegetables everyday? Also, many of the studies use supplements to show a variety of protective roles for antioxidants so we have epidemiological evidence that people who have diets that are high in  antioxidants have certain protective evidence concerning the value of adding amino oxidants into their diet.  Also studies show that the addition of supplements seeming bestow protection against a variety of problems.

Taking antioxidant supplements is like buying health insurance; you never know when you'll need it. So protect yourself as best you can, help keep your immune health as strong as possible with Schizandra, 1 to 2 tablets three times a day.


Total Control by Dr. Jamie Manus

Let's talk about Total Control.  Total Control is the 21st Century blockbuster weight control product and it is going to revolutionize again the weight control market for Herbalife.

We are very excited about this product and clearly, the ingredients here are all very key because right on the label is everything you really need to know about what Total Control does.  That is it burns fat, blocks cravings, and it boost energy.

Certainly for all of you who are looking to gain control of your weight that's exactly what you are looking for.  You want to be burning fat of  course, you want to maintain your muscle mass, and of course the cellular nutrition with our great protein shakes is going to help support your muscle  mass and then you need these great herbal ingredients to burn fat.  That includes ingredients such as:  Citrus aurantium and Coleus, these are two of the key fat burning ingredients.  Of course, blocking cravings is one of the big keys, because really being in control of how much, you eat and what you eat and when you eat is very important for losing the weight that you need to lose and then maintaining that for you life.  We have really added some very sophisticated and well-studied ingredients that are going to help you with that craving control and of course you would want to start with cellular nutrition, that's very important, just feeding yourself the cellular nutrition is a start.

A lot of us usually need a little more help especially when you’re starting our weight control program so we have added DL-phenylalanine which is a natural referring amino acid along with Tyrosine which are both going to help you have better overall mood as well as great appetite control.  Aurantium, Damiana, and DL-phenylalanine have been studied in combination with cinnamon bark and the results showed tremendous appetite control.

Really the science behind these products will tell us the slowing  gastric epee and as result your going to feel full sooner, your going to feel  full longer, there are various speeds to having control of you appetite,  your eating, and ultimately your weight.  And of course boosting energy is  very important as people cut down their calories on a weight control  program.

Having enough energy is really very important and of course when you feel good everyday you are going to want to stay with the program for life and that is really what Herbalife is about.  All of our Cellular Nutrition and Thermojetic programs are all about changing your life, being in control, and being healthier for your entire life.

We have a number of tea ingredients here in the energy boosting effects as well including the Green Tea, including Yerba Mate Tea and Cacao also known as chocolate; you know that's great for mood, for energy and for thermogenesis.  Of course, Herbalife has been a Thermojetics company for a long time with our Thermojetics products.  And of course Total Control is again the 21st century product that brings you Thermogenesis that brings you lipolysis or fat burning, control of your appetite, control of your cravings and your going to burn fat, your going to lose weight, and your going to feel great.


This is a caffeine-containing product, so if you do not like caffeine this would be a product to be cautious about.  Talk with your doctor about it if you have sufficient high blood pressure or sufficient cardiovascular disorders but of course with the natural balancing of caffeine and of course the amount of caffeine is about a cup of coffee, so if you drink a cup of coffee a day then it shouldn't be a problem.

The general recommendation is one to two tables twice daily.  You want to take it preferably on an empty stomach and we would recommend 30 to 60 minutes before you mid day shake and 30 to 60 minutes before you evening meal.  You will be in control with Total Control!


Herbalifeline -- Optimum Cellular Nutrition/Healthy Heart

Herbalifeline is Herbalife's product.  It is one of the main foundation products for Optimum Cellular Nutrition as well as our Healthy Hearts program. This is a product that delivers to you Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential in your diet because your body doesn't manufacture them and they are important in overall cardiovascular circulatory health as well as in joint health, in hormone development and a variety of other physiological functions within the body.


There is a tremendous amount of science and a general recognition behind the health benefits from supplementations with Omega-3 fatty acids:

  • decreasing the risk of sudden deaths relating to strokes and heart attacks
  • stabilizing heart rhythms
  • positive results with joint health
  • pregnant women on ultra-sounds showed a better brain development in the fetus than women who aren't supplementing with fish oil

Herbalife of course brings you the very best Omega-3 fatty acids product in the world, the very best fish oil supplement. Our fish oil in Herbalifeline is the highest quality in the world with the ideal ratio of DHA and EPA. It also contains vitamin E.  Vitamin E is an essential antioxidant. Vitamin antioxidants are known for their benefits for your healthy heart.

Herbalifeline is a very elegant product.  It is a clear capsule with the inclusion of essential oils including clove, peppermint and thyme, which decrease the taste and the after-burp that can be associated with taking fish oil supplements.

The one caution for using this product would be for those individuals who are using Coumadin or any other anticoagulant.  They should discuss with their doctors the use of fish oil supplements and any other product that may  interfere with the effects of anticoagulant including vitamin E, garlic, ginkgo, and ginseng.  We know that fish oil does not cause bleeding but rather may make the blood less likely to clot.  So again discuss this with your doctor prior to incorporating that in your Herbalife regimen.

As we said earlier here, Herbalifeline is part of Optimum Cellular Nutrition. Cellular Nutrition is of course a Herbalife nutritional foundation for good health, which includes Formulas 1,2 and 3. The Optimum Cellular Nutrition is the addition of Schizandra with extra antioxidants, Herbalifeline with the Omega-3 fatty acids as we were discussing here and Herbal Aloe for optimum digestion and elimination. We also have Herbalifeline as part our healthy hearts program for all of you that have an interest in the healthiest heart possible, then Herbalifeline is a great product with all the additional benefits.

Phone number for the doctors Hotline 310-203-2497  Fax number 310-557-3930


Oct. 18, 2002 -- It may sound fishy, but researchers say taking a daily fish-oil supplement may boost the effectiveness -- or even replace -- antidepressants for treating depression in some people.

In a new study, people who added a daily dose of omega-3 fatty acids to their regular antidepressant treatment had significant improvement in symptoms, including anxiety, sleeping problems, sadness, decreased sexual desire, and suicidal tendencies.

Although there are many effective treatments for depression, most only work in a limited number of patients or have significant side effects that prompt users to stop taking them. That's inspired researchers to look for new ways to treat the mental illness or increase the effectiveness of existing treatments.

Previous studies have suggested that depressed people have lower-than-normal levels of a fatty acid known as EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), which plays an important role in maintaining normal brain function.

In this study, the researchers examined the effectiveness of adding various dosages of EPA supplement to normal drug therapy in 70 people with persistent depression that was not responding to standard antidepressants.

The results appear in the October issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry. Researcher Malcolm Peet, MD, of Swallownest Hospital in Sheffield, England and colleagues found that patients who took the lowest, 1-gram daily, fish-oil dose showed significant improvements on all major measures of depression compared with those who took a placebo. In particular, 69% of the patients who took the 1-gram dose had a 50% reduction in their symptoms, compared with only 25% of those who took a placebo.

A 2-gram dose showed little effect, but those taking the highest, 4-gram, dose showed a trend toward improvement in symptoms. The researchers say larger studies are needed to confirm these effects. The omega-3 fatty acid may work to ease depression by improving the effectiveness and absorption of existing medications, the researchers say. But they note that a limited number of their patients who are not on antidepressant therapy have seen improvements similar to those seen in this study through treatment with fish-oil supplements alone.

In addition, they say treatment with omega-3 fatty acid may be especially beneficial for depressed patients who are at risk for heart disease, in light of recent research about fish oil's heart-healthy effects.

Doug Noble - My 95 year old mother's testimony.

My mother is 95 years old this month.  In June of 2002 her attitude was "it's just not worth getting up ".  The doctors had told her that if they put her on blood thinners that she would have more energy and feel like doing things during the day.  Unfortunately that wasn't the case, the energy just wasn't there in fact there was no difference at all.  That was when I put her on Herbalife products Fromula 1, 2 and 3.  If anything she could use it to gain weight she is just a little lady and very thin and frail.  Since then I haven't heard "it's just not worth getting up".

She even has energy for our 2 year old, which would usually really tire her out.  Sometimes she would just lock the door so he couldn't bother her.  That doesn't happen that much anymore.  I ask her if the products were making her feel better and she said they must be because "everybody tells me I'm doing fine, so I must be "!  She doesn't use her walker as much either.  She is taking Formula 1 once a day, Formula 2 three times a day, Formula 3 three times a day.  She also takes Joint Support, Mega Ginseng, Ultimate Ginkgo, Triple Berry, Xtra-Cal, Cardio ToconOx, Ocular Defense, and Beige for energy, her idea not mine.  All I can say is she is in a much better frame of mind and likes to get up and get around and interact with the grand kids.  As far as I'm concerned speaks volumes about Herbalife and what it can do for your energy and overall well-being.

Thermo-bond by Dr. Jamie McManus

Thermo-bond is one of our fiber tablets that is an extremely important supplement for overall good health that is part of our Ultimate Thermojetics Weight Management program.

It is a blend of a variety of fibers including apple, citrus and cellulose.    Additionally, Sodium Choleate added, which is the magic ingredient here because Sodium Choleate allows some of the saturated fat in your intestinal track to be bound and passed through.  As a result you will absorb less of your dietary fat.  We would recommend that this be used along with a good healthy low fat diet of course to helping your overall weight management.

We would recommend that you take one with your shakes and then take two to three with a large glass of water prior to all meals.  This is not a license, of course, to eat an unhealthy high fat diet but we do call this the cheating tablet", meaning that it allows you to enjoy life, allows you to enjoy some of things you might not otherwise feel good about if your trying to cut back so that you can be able to go to a birthday party or go out to dinner on occasion and not feel guilty about it.  This allows the program to work better for all individuals because having the added benefit of being able to incorporate our weight management program into your everyday daily life is one of the reasons why Herbalife has been so successful.

Now, because this is a fiber product we would not recommend that this product be used for anyone with serious colon or gastrointestinal problems including in particular ulcers of colitis or crone's disease.  Now these individuals can use some fiber containing products, but please do check with your doctor before you use Thermo-bond.

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