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EUROPE: Diet industry to BOOM

as Europeans get fatter

31 May 2002





Most of us are already convinced that we do indeed need to look at our lifestyle,

improve our eating habits, lose excess fat, exercise regularly, drink adequate

water… but some people are NOT convinced.

Take a look below at a couple of snippets taken from a news article

featuring Datamonitor statistics…

“…One-third of western European consumers are now overweight and by 2006 this will

increase to almost half. Germany, Italy and Spain will be the heaviest countries with over

50% of their population being medically overweight.”

“…consumers of normal weight are the most likely to take action to change their shape,

despite the fact that on the whole they are fairly happy with their bodies. This group

exercises more, and diets more, than both the underweight and the overweight, in an

effort to maintain, or enhance, their physique.”

“… Normal weight consumers are the most profitable group to target. Manufacturers

looking to take advantage of the burgeoning interest in shape management, should target

normal weight consumers, followed by the overweight. Normal weight consumers are a

good market segment as they display a strong desire to manage their shape, and more

willpower to apply the necessary changes to their lifestyle. The overweight are the second

most profitable group, as they continually seek to make small changes to their lifestyle and

diet without ever removing the underlying need to do so, making them potentially life-long


“…For the alcoholic drinks industry, there may be a negative side to the increased

consumer desire for a healthy lifestyle. Datamonitor estimates that by 2006, shapeconscious

abstention from alcoholic drinks (particularly beer) will cost the drinks industry



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