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Got the After - Holidays Food Blues?


Have we got the answer for you!  You can fill your plate and lose the weight, guaranteed!

Let us help your body become a fat burning machine!

Less Fat = Less Guilt

Help your body absorb less fat

$19.95 for 90 tablets


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Did you know?  Individuals who are diabetic can benefit from increased fiber, as fiber can lower blood-sugar level.


Thermo-Bond can be used in conjunction with Herbalife’s entire line of nutritional and weight management products.

  Dr. Jamie McManus discusses
  Thermojetics Weight Management
  Let's talk about Thermo-bond.  Thermo-bond is one of our BEST fiber tablets and is part of our Ultimate Thermojetics Weight Management program.  It is an extremely important supplement for overall good health.   
  A variety of fibers including apple, citrus and cellulose are blended.  Plus Sodium Choleate is added.  This is the magic ingredient!  Sodium Choleate allows some of the saturated fat in your intestinal track to be bound and passed through.  As a result you will absorb less of your dietary fat.  
  We would recommend that this be used along with a good healthy low-fat diet to help you manage your overall weight.  We would recommend that you take one with your shakes and then 
take two to three with a large glass of water prior to all meals.  
  This is not a license, of course, to eat an unhealthy high fat diet but we do call this the "cheating tablet".  It allows you to enjoy life and some of those special foods.  So go ahead to a birthday party or out-to-dinner and not feel guilty about it.
  Thermo-bond allows individuals the added benefit of being able to incorporate our weight management program into your daily life.  This is one reason why Herbalife is successful.
  This fiber product would not be recommended for anyone with serious colon or gastrointestinal problems especially ulcers of colitis or Crone's disease.  Please check with your doctor before you use Thermo-bond if you are one of these individuals.