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It's more than a business. It's a way of LIFE!

Working from home will become the new way of life for most Americans, especially since companies are reducing their workforce to save money. In light of this new economy, many Americans want to control their lives and finances and not worry about losing their jobs. Their careers are in their own hands.

Working from home provides many benefits: have the freedom to set your own work schedules and raise your children yourself.  Work full-time or part-time.   It is all up to you what type of position fits your lifestyle and goals.

Our Business Is You!

If you want to lose weight, improve your health, increase your energy or simply look your best, Herbalife can help you achieve your goals. But what if you want to earn some extra money, be your own boss, enjoy a flexible schedule or travel around the world? Herbalife can help you do that, too.

Earn a little "extra" money each month or increase your annual income to over six figures, with Herbalife's business opportunity you decide!

The people featured in this section decided to go with a winner--Herbalife. And now look at them! They are taking charge of their own lives and enjoying the rewards that come with it. You, too, can turn your dreams into reality through Herbalife's generous marketing plan. What are you waiting for? Start your future with Herbalife today!

Get started on changing your life with Herbalife. Call or e-mail to be an independent Herbalife Distributor today!

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Enjoy the benefits of a 2+ billion-dollar company with unlimited growth potential.

Founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes

Singapore is 58th Country

#1        Dec 2001  Surgeon General Declares War on Obesity,  #1 Health Problem, over 75 Million Americans Obese = Health Crises, Teenagers experiencing Heart Attacks, 10 year-olds with adult onset Diabetes

#2        Jan 2002  Wellness Revolution gathering Momentum to become Next Trillion Dollar Industry in America!

#3        Jul 2002 Whitney/Golden Gate seek and find the perfect vehicle to capitalize on the Wellness Revolution:  Herbalife International!  Partnership with Herbalife for 700 Million Dollars!

#4        March 2003 UCLA opens cutting-edge Mark Hughes Lab Cellular and Molecular Resarch Lab

#5        10 of Worlds Top 25 Scientists join Herbalife Scientific Board

#6        Nobel Prize Winner Dr Louis Ignarro developing New Product for Herbalife!

#7        April  2003 Herbalife announces new CEO Michael O. Johnson formerly President of Walt Disney Intl.  

His mission:  Take Herbalife to 30 Billion in Sales!   His commitment:  Make Herbalife one of the best known names on the Planet within 3 years!  Herbalife will take Second Place to none!  Help Millions around the planet.  His method:  Advertising and Promotion!




For 23 years we have been the Quiet Company.  We have produced more results for more people and extended more lives with safe natural nutritional products than any company in the world!  Our products solve impossible health problems! 


Any question that we are not at the right time and the right place??


Be sure and check out the Wellness Revolution!