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We've helped millions achieve and maintain their ideal weight. Let us help you feel better and look better for LIFE.

Two Good Ways to see less of yourself.
     1. High-Protein, Low-Carb GOLD Program
     2. GREEN Program

Two Programs = One Result!

As the world's leading weight-management company, Herbalife has helped millions of people lose weight safely and effectively for more than 20 years. Our experience, combined with the expertise of scientists, doctors, and nutritionists who make up Herbalifes Medical Advisory Board, has led to products that are on the leading edge of health and dietary enhancements.

At Herbalife, we understand that people like to have choices when it comes to losing weight. However, these choices must be safe, effective and healthy. Our two simple approaches start with the essential building blocks of our Cellular Nutrition Program (nourishment at the cellular level) and combine them with the fat-burning abilities of thermogenic herbs to create our Thermojectics Programs. Both Thermojetics Programs are designed for optimal weight loss, powered by Cellular Nutrition and include heart healthy, low fat soy. Healthy. Effective. Safe.

Choose from two approaches that are tailored to your specific needs. We've helped millions achieve and maintain their ideal weight. Let us help you feel better and look better for life. Both programs deliver weight loss and improved health at the cellular level.

Visit The 100 lb. Club at!
  This site is very inspirational and supportive for anybody who is struggling with weight problems..

How to Order

ProPay & PayPal
mail orders: 100 October Drive State College, PA 16801
make checks payable to Sharon Smith

Message should include first & last name, mailing address, e-mail, phone number, when is the best time to return a call.
USA - EST Business phone hours:
Monday-Friday 6PM - 10 PM
Saturday & Sunday 8-10 AM & 6 -10 PM


How do I decide which program is right for me?
I'm here for you.

Good Dieting doesn't mean starving.
"I wasn't interested in losing weight when a friend started telling me about Herbalife. I was feeling tired and run down and needed to improve my energy, stamina and recovery time. I've done that successfully with Herbalife's nutritional products. Within two weeks my fans and team mates saw an improvement in my performance."
--Wayne Larkins, Australia

"At ages 66 and 62 we're feeling terrific and have more energy to enjoy life than ever before! After a few months, as we get dressed in our smaller size clothing, we thank our daughter for the best gift she could have chosen--better health through nutrition."
--Harold & Connie Small, USA