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Keeps vessels toned, flexible and youthful for improved vascular function.*

If you are serious about better health -- or any self-improvement -- you'll find it difficult to achieve your goals without Cellular Nutrition. It's simply that important to your well-being. So start building a solid foundation for long-term health and the only ingredients that really work -- Cellular Nutrition!

To make yourself healthier, CHOOSE to do things that make you healthier, and DO them.  IT'S YOUR LIFE.  IT'S YOUR CHOICE!  -- Dr. John Neuman Wisdom for Earthings


"I like the taste of this product.  It doesn't upset my stomach or make me feel jittery."   -- Sharon Smith

Our philosophy is to nourish you at the cellular level.
Products: Herbalifeline, Schizandra, Thermojetics Yellow, Total Control


Snack Defense

New formula fights cravings all day long*

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 -- one of my best sellers!


Herbalife has teamed up with Nobel+ Prizewinning-scientist Dr. Louis Ignarro to develop Niteworks, a lemon-flavor powder mix. Niteworks triggers your bodys production of Nitric Oxide, which improves the function of your vascular and circulatory system, for enhanced Cellular Nutrition® to all vital organs.* Feel energy like never before!* Thirty-day supply.

#0036 $89.95
#1156 $89.95 Kosher

+The Nobel Prize is a registered trademark of The Nobel Foundation.

  • Keeps vessels toned, flexible and youthful for improved vascular function.*

  • Promotes a healthy cardiovascular system.*

  • Enhances blood flow to support function of the heart, brain and other organs.*

  • Slows the impact of age on health for superior performance.*

  • Supports energy for a feeling of rejuvenation.*

    Trying to lose weight, but can't stop snacking? Now you can with Snack Defense, Herbalife's new craving-control product you can take day or night, or any time youre having the desire to snack.*

    This incredibly beneficial herbal formula helps reduce your desire for snacks, and may provide extra protection against cravings for sweets.*

    For all between-meal snackers, its what you need to help make your weight loss a success.*

    One of the main ingredients in Snack Defense, Chromium Polynicotinate, is known to support healthy blood-sugar levels.*  Garcinia Cambogia extract is a thermogenic ingredient that naturally suppresses appetite.* An incredible herb from the plant world, Gymnema Sylvestre, inhibits the absorption of glucose, or sugar, in humans.*

    Get a beneficial alternative for all-day craving control*

    Helps to cut down on between-meal snacking and late-night cravings*

    Helps eliminate temptation by taming your "sweet tooth"*

    Gives you the support you need to keep sweet cravings under control*

    Makes weight loss easier to achieve once the desire to snack is under


    Use Snack Defense along with Total Control and get the results you want fast. Each formula works through a separate mechanism to do its job, bringing you complete craving control. Place your order now for this scientifically advanced formula.*

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    FOR FREE SAMPLE of Total Control (USA only).

    Millions of people in 59 countries have changed their lives for the better. You can too!